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The idea for this design stems from Boshtian being a clutz in the lab.
One Friday, a fly appeared. So Boshtian figured he’d escort it out of the lab. He got up on the counter and didn’t notice there was an open Petri dish right next to him. Whilst climbing, he dipped the lower corner of his lab coat into the dish and, without noticing, hung it up at the end of the day.
On Monday, as he was putting the coat back on, he realised the cultures have successfully grown and made his coat colourful and… a bit smelly. At least he got rid of the fly.
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Vendor: Lab Label

Type: Coat


Available: Available

Every lab label coat is made with a level of detail that makes sure the quality is uncompromised and always premium.

Green Fibres

The Lab Label lab coats are special on the inside as well. They are made of groundbreaking Tecawork™ fabric. These fibres are made out of mechanically recycled polyester from PET bottles and sustainably-sourced cotton. By using recycled polyester as the main production material, you avoid using and wasting natural raw resources.

Safe and Certified Materials and Components

The whole material used for producing lab coats is safe and certified. The origin of the material, as well as the absence of hazardous components, are being carefully controlled.

Greater Comfort

The manufacturing of the Tecawork™ fabric is not only completely quality-centred but has the wearer’s comfort in mind as well. This results in a sustainable fabric that feels good to wear.


The fabric is resilient, durable and can be washed industrially: industrial workwear needs high-quality fabrics and materials, in order for them to stay in good condition through the many years of use. The Tecawork™ fabric is thoroughly researched so it can meet the durability requirements.

Softness and Flexibility

The fabric is smooth and flexible, providing a pleasant feeling on the user’s skin.

Snap Buttons

To ensure that putting the coat on is easy and effortless, it is closed with snap fasteners (buttons). That way you can also take it off fast in case of emergency.

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Care instructions

-do not bleach
-do not soak
-do not tumble dry
-wash inside out
-no wring or twist
-keep away from fire
-wash with like colours
-iron reverse side only
-do not iron on the print
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