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How long does it take for the lab coat to get to my country?

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Can I return or change the lab coat that was custom-made for me?

Can I return a lab coat and get another if the ordered size doesn’t fit me?

How can I make a return?

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My order was delivered, but the embroidery is incorrect. How do we fix this?

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How much does the wholly customized The Lab Label coat cost?

Can you put any motif on the lab coat?

Can I order special tailoring for my lab coat?

Do I get a discount if I buy more than one lab coat?

Is the lab coat waterproof?

Can the lab coat be washed industrially?

What if I can’t find my clothing size in the shop?

Can I return the lab coat if I have torn it whilst using it?

What is the difference between a female and a male lab coat?

If my dog bites off a bit of the lab coat, will he be okay?

How can I see what the lab coat looks like when put on?

How will I know if the item I purchased is back-ordered?

Can you tell me more about the lab coat fabric?

Are your lab coats wrinkle-free?

Do you offer tall/short/petite sizes of your lab coats?