Would you like for your team to show the affiliation to the lab or company they work for?

Coat up your team

Contact us via the form below and we will gladly explain all of the options we offer for team orders.

We provide a range of services: from simple logo or slogan implementation to fully custom designs. You can pick from even more customisation options and our skilled design team can offer insights and tailor-made solutions to your wishes.

We know that fun and joy are important, no matter if you are a trio, a sextet or the biggest team in the world.

The minimum order quantity for team orders is 10 lab coats, but don’t worry, we can work something out for smaller teams. We totally get it, sometimes, you have to show which flock you belong to, and sometimes this means only 5 people or even less.

So, are you ready to have the brightest lab in the world?
Fill out the contact form below or write us at info@lab-label.com.
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