We know how it feels. The lab coat, while giving you the feeling of being a real scientist, is all too plain and boring. But you are unique. And the word “boring” doesn’t describe you.
The feeling of “just being one of the sheep” has made us, the scientific trio of The Lab Label, a bit bored when we were still working in the lab as students. We figured “Does a lab coat always have to be white and boring? Is there a way to look more fun in the lab?”
So, naturally, we started scribbling on each other’s coats and laughed at all the poop-doodles and cartoon faces of each other. And we felt happy and different, finally standing out.
After finishing our studies, we decided to share our wish of becoming a bit more colorful in the lab, so we started to supply lab coats with the University branding on the sleeves for the University we all went to. These coats were better than the plain white ones, but just the University’s branding wasn’t quite enough for us. Feeling like that was all that could be done at that time, we parted ways and went on pursuing different things. And so the “Fun Lab Coat” idea went into hibernation…

A few years have passed and we still worked on some projects together during that time. One day, celestial forces brought the lab coat idea back to us, but this time we were armed with creativity and art: we had two actual designers more than in our first endeavour, exponentially raising our chances of succeeding in our mission to bring a bit of fun to every laboratory. All of us pulled up our sleeves and started creating. The outcome? Unique and colourful lab coat designs that make you smile when you look at them. It was what we were looking for.
And so we came up with the name ‘The Lab Label’, a clothing label creating feel-good lab coats exclusively for researchers, students and all lab workers.
The Lab Label helps everyone who wants a bit more colour in their plain white laboratory environment.
The Lab Label makes sure that you and your colleagues smile at least once a day.
The Lab Label knows that all of us in the laboratory are different and we have to nurture that individuality, even on the outside.
The Lab Label takes care of the environment by using sustainably-sourced materials for the lab coat fabric.
The Lab Label crafts excellent quality fabrics into resilient, oleo- and hydrophobic lab coats that withstand mechanical damage and are very durable.
Team behind the lab label
Who is behind the The Lab Label brand?

Who is behind the The Lab Label brand? A team who has worked in the lab as well as outside of it. Our unique blend of experience in science and art gives us the ability to create lab coats with designs, inspired by the worlds of chemistry, biology, microbiology, biotechnology and many more. Navigate to our webstore and find out which lab coat fits your personality best!
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